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Thread: Where are those less fortunate?

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    Where are those less fortunate?

    I spent most of the weekend floating and camping near the Spring River between Hardy and Mammoth Springs. Earlier in the year I came through here what was almost weekly on fishing trips. While traveling through earlier this year I was able to add a smiley face to what I thought, all of the caches in both Hardy and Mammoth Springs.

    However, when planning for my trip I checked to see if there were any new caches in the area. To my suprise, I found that I had skipped a cache! Bitbrain's Island Stash is a very well hidden cache on an island in the Spring River. This cache was placed on 9/27/2002. In the almost 4 years of its existance this cache has only had 18 (four of them from this weekend) found it logs!

    I guess my question is has anyone else noticed caches like these out there? Most cachers enjoy geocaching because it takes you to places that you've never been, among other reasons. Where are these caches that we are overlooking and how does this happen?

    I guess I just want to give those less fortunate caches the spotlight here. And give those of us cachers the chance to learn where some of those caches are that we are just overlooking.

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    DOH! I was there this weekend too amking the run from Riverside to Spring River Oaks. I didn't even thing to take the GPSr on the river or check to see if there was a cache in the area!

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    Four thinigs to know about to prevent caches from slipping through the cracks.

    Microsoft Streets and Trips
    Pocket Queries
    Craig Given's instructions on making Streets and Trips custom icons

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    One that might be overlooked is Marinoni Cache by David Medlyn. Nonnipoppy sent us that way and wow, it is worth it! Beautiful area, not far at all from another cache at a waterfall although the name eludes me right now. The walk is really not bad at all, although it is longish. It is beautiful!

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    I recommend Flatside Pinnacle (GC1A90) by Steve Brown. In the Ouachitas and off the beaten path. Originally placed on Sept. 2, 2001 and currently in its 3rd incarnation, due to muggles. The latest version is "members only", which has probably cut down on the traffic - only 3 finds since May 2005. Located near the top of a peak with GREAT views. Not too much of a hike either, except it's all uphill! -- ORR
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