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Thread: Burns Park Cache Bash

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    Burns Park Cache Bash

    Well all i can say is WOW!!!

    When Les and I stated working on this we thought it would be HOT and we expected around 30 maybe 40 people. We ended up with 85 people for the day, some participating in the bash some just hunting local caches and some just stopping in to say hi as they had other things to do for the day. We made some changes by having ARKGEO adopt the event. We spent a lot of time planning and get ready. Boy do i ever appreciate all the other events i went to before much more. It was a lot of work but well worth it. the hardest part for me was not being able to chase the caches. I love watching people socialize and interact. Discussing hides, finds, trips, tips and caching ethics. a lot of friends were made, got to catch up and spend more quality time with each other.

    In the madness of it all you will always forget something and i forgot a big one. We had gotten a achievement coin for Fab5williscaln for making his 366th day in a row of caching. Saturday was 365 and the Cito was the 366 but it would have been nice to recognize him with everyone there and for that i'm sorry. We did get him his coin on Saturday.

    The event wasn't perfect and the next one wont be either but I personally learned a lot and it will make the next event better. Please feel free to send me any feedback as I love constructive advise.

    thanks to everyone that was able to make it, with out you it wouldn't have been any fun and that's why we cache in the first place.

    thanks again,
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    My only advice... do it again next year!! Chickadee & I had lots of fun finding event caches with the Fab"7"WillisClan. I knew Burns Park was big, but I didn't know it was that BIG! Attended my first ever CITO, even though I wasn't prepared for trail-CITO'ing. Must... bring... more... WATER! Right Mark? You'd think we'd have learned that lesson. And found my first Wherigo with Goff-family & OWC-2011, didn't quite know what we were doing, but we eventually figured it out. Big THANKS to Mike & Les for hosting an AWESOME event! And to Ron for the new ArkGeo caches & helping those guys out. All the hard work & effort paid off!
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    It was a Great time! Thanks to everyone involved for putting this together. My co-worker brought a guest and her daughter. I spoke to her this morning and they loved it!! Success can be measured in many ways, but any way you look at it...this event was a success! Thanks again
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    It sounds like everyone had a great time. Maybe indeed you can do it next year so 2ter and I can come!

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    All is forgiven! We were having so much fun we never even thought about it. The Coin I got the next day at the cito was AWESOME! I have been showing it off to everybody. It is without a doubt my most prized geocoin to date. We had a blast going out with Cf55 and chickadee on the second half and with OWC2011 on the first half. OWC2011 is good at this game, he was spotting them quickly! I need him Caching with me more often. Thanks for putting on a great event, and we can't wait till next year. who knows maybe we will be at 730 days in a row Caching then.
    Oh yeah we had a lot of fun the next day at the cito as well! We were with a great group that included the lostboys2007, Idratherbecaching, and cardsfan55. Again thanks for a great event!
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