I just wanted to thank anybody and everybody involved with getting the Arkansas State Park Permit system started (in response to the former ban in state parks).

Today I renewed the permit on my geocache at Lake Chicot State Park.

I had a nice hike with the parks interpretor and we checked on the cache which was in good shape. I dropped a TB off in it. It's been found roughly 12 times in the past year. It seems that only 2 of the finders are from Arkansas (possibly 3). One of the AR natives did not log it online but they signed the logbook.

I've been impressed with the permit process and today the ease at which the permit was renewed added to my impressions.

If you haven't been down here - come on down. There are plenty of caches on "my" side of the River as well and it's only a 15 minute drive (give or take) over to MS from the Park.

Hopefully we can get some more geocachers in SE Arkansas. I will add the ArkGeo link to my page to go along with the MSGA link.