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Thread: Any idea when another event will take place?

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    Any idea when another event will take place?

    We have yet to attend an event, but would love to when another is planned.. Anyone have any ideas when there may be one?

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    There are several meet and greets within the next couple of weeks check them out on the "list newest in Arkansas". This is where all new geocaches are listed. All the events are listed at the top. You get there through your profile page. The next ArkGeo Sponsored Event will be the Burns Park Cache Bash IV in North Little Rock on August 11th. We'll have a CITO at Burns Park on August 12th. More than welcome to come!!
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    There is a state page on that lists all of them coming up. Click here to view it.

    Welcome to Arkgeo also! What part of Arkansas are you in?

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    cache bash event is 11th and 12th not 8th and 9th. loved to see you there.
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    S.W.A.G..'s (SouthWest Arkansas Geocachers) next meeting will be August 13. We usually meet at a restaurant in or around Hot Springs, but this month we will be treated to a special meal at the home of rklmbl. We wanted to issue a special invitation to you guys to come and visit. We are sure all would love to meet you. Let us know (or even better - let rklmbl know) if you are going to be able to attend....... Would love to meet you!
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    You might also be interested in attending the Celabration of TOP KITTY in Jacksonville on August 4th, which is a Saturday. GC3QZEB Check it out on . Top Kitty is Beth Daniel and She has been an inspiration to a lot of geocachers.
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    TONIGHT! Larry's Pizza in LR on Cantrell. 6pm.

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