ATTN Geocachers: Do any of you recognize the number 501-308-7423 ? I'd received some pocket dials from that number over the last two days, so I called them back last night. The guy said he "found" the phone, had been using it, and my number was already in it. I asked if he'd made any attempt to contact the owner. He said no and reminded me he found the phone (since finding something means you own it). I let him know that was considered theft and that he could go to jail over this. He couldn't care less and plans to keep using it.

I did not have the number in my contact list so perhaps it could be one of you cachers that had my # in your phone for PAF reasons? If so, contact your service provider and have them track it via GPS so that idiot can have a visit with the cops! I've already called AT&T and Verizon to let them know someone stole the phone attached to that number so they can try and contact the owner through alternate means.