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Thread: Where NOT to geocache for the 1st Time!

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    Where NOT to geocache for the 1st Time!

    I thought you guys might enjoy this. I got a phone call from my sister who is currently in Miami for a week. They have been on some bike trails through the everglades---I mean the alligators are literally sunning themselves on these paved trails through the glades!

    Well, she's been watching my Facebook Album on our geocaching adventures and I've been talking to her about giving it a try with her kids. So what do they do? While out she pulls up her app on her phone and says, "Hey, there is one nearby."

    They get "near" GZ, leave their car on the side of the road. The kids (8 & 6) refuse to go down into the glades. My sister & brother & law are trying to reach GZ. They saw a large white bucket floating upside down in some water but are unsure if this is it.

    They are trying to navigate through the glades trying to stay dry as they are in regular clothes/shoes (for those of you who don't know think water, snakes & potentially gators).

    In the meantime the 8 yo is shouting instructions he saw on the videos for finding a geocache on! (Look for something unnatural)--again he refuses to come down himself.

    They eventually decided to stop and try geocaching when they get back home to Chicago!

    I asked her what difficulty level it was. She had no clue! (I cannot wait to look it up later)

    I was laughing listening about her adventure and said, "You know on the website, the ones highlighted in GREEN? You might want to start there!" She laughed. I told her that we just found our 100th cache and I'm not sure if I'd try that with little kids, much less a first cache!

    She knows there are some down the street from them in a local park where they live. They had a blast and hope they have better luck on a beginner cache back home as I know it will fit right in to their outdoors lifestyle!

    Anyway, just sharing the "fun."

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    Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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