I am trying to thin out my geocoin collection a little bit, as I have more need for the green stuff than coins right now. I have a few for sale, if anyone is interested.

I bought a lot of lizard geocoins a few weeks back and they finally came in. I only ordered the lot for two of the four, so I've got two left up for grabs. I also have the 2012 Texas Challenge coin and a Tiki Coin. All are unactivated except the Tiki coin, but I can transfer it to you. The smaller coin is one I found in a cache a while back and it says "Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Happy Caching to You, Until We Meet Again" on one side and it belongs to the dayhunters. I didn't want to release it into the wild, but it really doesn't fit in my collection.

The lizards have glow in the dark eyes on the side with the tracking code and look identical on that side. The tracking code for the Texas Challenge coin is on the rim.

I'm hoping for $11 apiece on the lizards and Texas Challenge coin, $8 for the Tiki Coin and any reasonable offer on the dayhunter coin (plus whatever shipping is ~$3), but I can negotiate, just shoot me a PM. I'm pretty flexible, so I might negotiate for a hot meal at the Arkansas meet up or something. If you would like additional pictures, let me know.

coins.JPGcoins 2.JPGblack coin.JPGphoto.JPG