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Thread: Chickadee55's T-Shirt Design Contest - Ends 3/11/12

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    Chickadee55's T-Shirt Design Contest - Ends 3/11/12

    I wasn't going to post on the ArkGeo boards asking for help, but if you can't ask the AWESOMEST group of people for a easy favor every once in awhile, who else can you ask? Some of you who are on Facebook may have already had me ask you to help Chickadee55 (our daughter, Lexi) "win a T-shirt design contest for Central AR Orthodontics." As of this posting, she's in 2nd place with 133 votes, 1st place is at 148 votes. Only 15 votes away! But since we're not FB friends with everyone in ArkGeo yet (we should be )... if anyone who sees this before Monday (3/11/12 contest ends) has a minute to "Like" her design, we would greatly appreciate it. To everyone on here who has already voted, a BIG THANK YOU!! To everyone who reads this & does vote, an EQUALLY BIG THANK YOU!!

    Just click Like on this FB photo "Alexis Waid - CAOA T-shirt Design"... that's it.

    PS, Chickadee55 needs all the votes she can get, so if your spouse, and/or your kids all have their own FB accts... The more the merrier!!
    Happy caching!!! ~Mike

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    liked and shared.
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