Found this traveler in a clever cache placed by LikesToCanoe, located beside Lake Ouachita, at Shangrila Marina:

In the background is a laminated map of the US, showing the states that it has been dropped in, punched with a hole. A dogtag chain has on it, a "cachesper" geocoin and a baseball hall of fame medallion on it.
It started life as a travel bug but somewhere along the way, that tag dissappeared sometime in 2009. It seems to have been traveling ever since then, with no way to log it. My plan at this point is to take it to Colorado with us this Spring. There is no punch in the map for Colorado.
This cool looking traveler seems to have logged right at 10 thousand miles to date.
I have sent a email to the owner, CACHESPER, but have not recieved an answer so far.
I am looking for ways for geocachers to start logging this traveler so it's intresting history will be recorded.
I have thought about attaching a travelbug dog tag to it, but am reluctant to do that without the owner's permission.
Suggestions please !
Here is a closer look:
Baseball hall of fame medallion.
Cachesper Geocoin, ( The traveler's owner's ).
Coin, Medallion, Map.

Again, your suggestions and research, are welcome !