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Thread: Help - Cache in St. Joe Arkansas for Arkansas County Challenge

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    Help - Cache in St. Joe Arkansas for Arkansas County Challenge

    We need some help that may or may not be possible.

    Susan and I have completed our County Challenge. BUT

    The only cache we found in Searcy County was a cache in St. Joe hidden where the highway makes a bend and as I recall it was placed by the EAST lab kids at St. Joe.

    It is not active and I cannot find it in my list. It may be there but a list of almost 7000 is hard to check. Is there a way to find it that I do not know about?

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    Project Geocaching challenge checker shows you still need one county. If you use GSAK, there is a macro for DeLorme and County challenges. It is Challenge.gsk.
    One cache at a time!

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    Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, and help in any way on this mystery. A few years ago while on Highway 65 coming down form Harrison, we spotted a cache in St. Joe, a little community north of Marshall. It was a rainy day, but we can't recall the date or even the year. We parked near a small park and walked in a light rain to a fence on the east side of the park and found the cache near a tree. As we recall it was placed by a school group from St. Joe High School, probably EAST Lab. We marked Searcy County off our list and continued blissfully working on our County Challenge.
    When we finished and started updating our spreadsheet, we could not locate that cache.
    The mystery...It does not exist in any lists, our finds, or does it show on the County Map on the Geo Project.
    This is certainly strange, but today a nice drive to Leslie, a picnic in Clinton, and some fun together on the "trail," will make it all ok.
    We love it all even the mistakes.
    Thanks again

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