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Thread: Alabama Rambler

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    Alabama Rambler posted the following on February 20. Good news.

    Home and feeling fine. Thanks to everyone for thinking of me and praying for me, it did make a difference. Now if someone would wade through and deal with the hundreds of emails that built up while I had no access!

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    Thanksk rklmbl for reposting that here so we could see. Glad that Alabama Rambler is doing good. Prayers are answered.

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    OMG Ed is a GREAT GUY i was very impressed with the way he gets around. After the Pettit Jean event Ozark Mountain Ghost and I were the last to leave and we noticed Ed's tail Lights were not working so we followed him to conway and even with it raining we crawled under his truck and figured it out for his drive back to Alabama. We also had dinner with him at Ryans. He blessed me with 2 Geocoins and to this date i still have them. I'm glad hes doing good.

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