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Thread: The Griswolds Make the News in Hawaii

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    The Griswolds Make the News in Hawaii

    Carla and I were Geocaching in Hawaii this morning when we ran into a local cacher that I've been emailing back and forth with for several weeks. He has a great series of puzzle caches and is my Phone a Friend option while on the islands.

    Here is my log from that cache:
    Drove up to the cache parking area and saw a couple of folks and a TV cameraman. Didn't pay much attention to them and headed to the cache. I looked up while I was looking for the cache and discovered I was being filmed. Found the cache and then found the Cache Owner. They were doing a story on geocaching and we happened to stumble in and add authenticity to the story. Ended up being interviewed and hopefully will be on the news tonight. Had a great visit with the CO who I've been emailing back and forth with over the last couple of weeks.

    This will be a cache we won't soon forget and will be talked about at the next event we attend back home in Arkansas. Had a really great time hunting this cache. Thanks for this one and all others you've placed for us to find.

    The story was on the news tonight. We didn't get to see it, but watched it on line. Links to the story and video are below.
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    Enjoyed your TV appearance in the 50th state. Will be anxious to hear about your adventures in person. Have fun and come home safely.

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    SUPER! You need to attend the eat & greet in Old Post Park on the 19th and tell us all about it! And sign autographs!
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    Awesome story!
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    That is so cool! What a coincidence!!!
    Happy 'Caching!!

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