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Thread: Geocachers are Super great People

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    Geocachers are Super great People

    This past October, we had just settled down for the day in Paris for the very nice event they organized when we got the phone call that anyone would dread...My niece, who had just moved away from her parents home in Maryland and moved to Texarkana with family, was involved in a very serious car accident and was airlifted to Tyler,TX. It took us 6 hours to get to her and were devastated to hear the news about her condition. She broke 5 bones in her neck, 5 bones in her back, 3 ribs, collapsed a lung and had such severe head trauma from the multiple flips and collisions with the tree that the Dr.s just could tell us anything except that they were doing their best to keep her alive and that family should get there soon!! It took her parents a day to get there. They had just moved from Maryland to Kentucky with the Army. After 32 days in a coma, and many many sleepless nights, my beautiful niece opened her pretty blue eyes and spoke words that were never supposed to be broken since the part of her brain injured was the part that controlled her speech and her comprehension. Miracles do happen. We happen to be blessed with a walking talking miracle in our family. Though she still has many months to go for recovery, just the thought of her being alive is more than we could have ever asked for.

    I'm telling you this because while I was on my way back up to the hospital I get a phone call from my mother-in-law. She stated that someone come to the hospital and dropped off a basket for the family full of all sorts of goodies for them. Her name was Laura Smith Jackson (I'm sorry, I forgot her geocaching name), but she happened to hear about the accident through a post and since she lived in the Tyler area, took it amongst herself to do this for my family. I know that I have not met one geocacher who wasn't so super friendly, but this lady was a complete stranger; having never met myself or my family for that matter, but because she had a connection through geocaching, went well out of her way to show that people care.

    I got started with geocaching because we happen to have had one pretty weekend last winter and I wanted to do something fun with my family. I never imagined that I would meet the people that I have or traveled the places we did because of a hobby. I can't believe we haven't started sooner but am so happy to have met the peole we have in our journey. I just want to say thank you for being awesome people who trully care about others!!!

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    Wow! What a story. Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated on the Niece's progress!
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    Wow, what a nice story, except for the beginning of course. I actually got a little *sniff, sniff* (I got something in my eye, don't tell Mrs CF55). Sooo glad to hear your niece is doing better. I remember hearing you guys had to rush away from Cache Mania for a family emergency, but I never knew all the details. That is a miracle! Sure does put life in a different perspective.

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