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    As this year draws to a close and we get ready to start a new one. I was wondering if everyone met the goals they had set for themselves this year and have set some new ones for the coming year? I have met my goal of meeting bunches of great people and also of finding over a 1000 caches this year. My biggest goal for next year is to meet more people and help spread the word of this great sport to convert more muggles to come over and have fun finding caches instead of starring at us while we search for caches. Also to complete my D/T grid and fill my calender up.I for one am looking forward to another fun filled year, how about you????
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    Funny, I don't know that I really have goals, but I do have a list of things I hope to complete...finish up Mt. Nebo & Petit Jean, grab all the water caches on Lake Ouachita, get to 100 multis so I can complete Cardinal's challenge, grab the last two ASP ParkCaches and DeLorme Grid 53, finish up Jaygill's puzzle caches. Long term I would hope to spend a few days caching in some areas that I haven't yet really explored, like Searcy, Jacksonville, etc. On the other hand, there are other activities that I feel I am pushing away in the interest of geocaching...kayaking, cycling, hiking, photography, hunting, fishing. Gotta get some more of those in, or combine them.

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    I have actually completed all my goals I had for 2011 I think by picking up an Oklahoma cache about an hour ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captaincooder View Post
    ...On the other hand, there are other activities that I feel I am pushing away in the interest of geocaching...kayaking, cycling, hiking, photography, hunting, fishing. Gotta get some more of those in, or combine them.
    I would have to concur with the good captain. There are times that geocaching wins out over some of our other interests. If I were to set a goal it would be to incorporate my other interests in with geocaching as much as possible, because I am certainly not giving up caching. We are on the beginnings of the ASP Parkcaches with only about 7 or 8 under our belts at the moment (all in the northern part of the state). One of our other interests is motorcycling and we have talked about making a cycling tour track that includes the parks as stops for that purpose. My wife also likes to bird watch and is into photography and of late we do not go caching with out bringing her camera and bird check off sheet. So, we are on our way to merging interests. I have said this in another post but I will say it again here. May God Bless everyone in the New Year!

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    live in eastern Oklahoma
    I too am going to try to do more things that I like as well as geocaching. Hiking, photoghrapy, fishing, to name a few. I think I have accomplished all my goals for 2011. 2012 is a brand new year and I am looking forward to each new day. I think I have figured out how to get more weekend days and less work days.

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    I just want to Cache more! We hope to complete 2012 with at least one Cache every day.
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    I usually just play out the winter and set my goals for summer. Last summer goal was 500 total and made it. It's hard to stick to year goals with school and stuff going. So i'll figure it out after next semester!
    Im a geo -junkie and i need my fix!

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    Goal: ...To find a few more caches


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    2011 Goals:
    1. Complete the Arkansas State Parks ParkCache Series - Done!
    2. Complete the Arkansas County Challenge - Done!
    3. Complete the Arkansas Delorme Challenge - Done!
    4. Prepare and have an Earthcache published - Done! (Arkansas' First State Park (GC37BY2))
    5. Have a Wherigo cache published - Not completed
    6. Reach the 5000 caches found milestone - Done!

    2012 Goals:
    1. Reach the 7000 caches found milestone (I am currently a little over 5500 found)
    2. Have a Wherigo cache published
    3. Prepare and have a second Earthcache published
    4. Find all active Arkansas caches hidden before I found my first cache (39 to go)
    5. Fill in my D/T matrix (3 squares left - 4/4.5; 3.5/5; 4.5/5)
    6. Fill in my "Finds for Each Day of the Year' matrix (13 days needed, and I already have Leap Day!)
    7. Work on filling in my Jasmer Challenge matrix (I am unwilling to commit yet to completing this one this year - too much travel involved!)
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    ORR- Those are a lot of great goals!

    I feel a little inadequate now! HAHA.

    With our little ones adoption getting much closer to being complete, The only goal I have is to get out there more.

    We went and found 5 caches or so this afternoon. Wanted to come up for the event today, but just would not have had time after church to make it.

    Now I have to go look up what the Jasmer Challenge Matrix is!

    Hope everyone is blessed this next year. If I can help someone reach a goal this year, let me know!

    Chris Denton

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