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Thread: DeLorme cache

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    Right after Christmas, I made a trip to Barnes & Noble and bought an Arkansas DeLorme map. We had been using DaTexanBoy's map for our trips and knew what was in it so I didn't bother to even open the book up until I got home.

    When I finally opened it, I noticed something pretty signficant. The map I had was not pages 22-64 but a whopping 15-127!!!!? How did that happen!? I checked and doubled checked and concluded that the new Arkansas DeLorme now included more pages in the edition I purchased.

    Daunted by this new development I brought this to MathSeeker's attention since she recently adopted the cache and this would eventually lead to some questions. She stated that a person could, at least at this time, use either version of the map but pointed out that there may not be a cache hidden on some of the pages.

    To make my point, the "dreaded page 53" as it was previously mapped no longer exists. Now there are MORE dreaded pages than before. In fact, it appears as though every page on the entire east side of the page, from Blythville to Endora have only slivers of dry land. Where the original page 53 was made of of a few parts and displayed on one page, they do not do this with the new edition. Each sliver gets its own independent page. Imagine that!

    I stated previously that I was daunted by this new development, but I have since embraced it with much enthusiasm. I now have a 4th state challenge in addition to the state parks, county and original AR DeLorme that MathSeeker graciously oversees now. I have started working on the new 2012 edition AR DeLorme challenge. I look at it this way. The map with the new pages is not going to cause me to drive more any more miles, it simply means that I will have more stops along the way. I'm geocaching. Isn't that the point?

    If anybody wants to see a glimps of what the new map looks like, send a request through my profile and I will be glad to send it. Also, if anybody happens to find an updated GSAK macro or some other means of generating a list or Google Earth Layer with the new AR DeLorme map on it, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    Thanks to all!

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    I was thinking about upgrading, because my dog-eared and duct-taped 1997 Gazetteer and my 2011 computer software (Topo North America 9.0) seem to be just a bit off in some places. I had no idea the new version was so fundamentally different. Will send request via profile.

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