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    Geocacher Profile

    The Membership Relations Committee is happy to showcase some ArkGeo Geocachers through the "Geocacher Profile". The committee thought the current ArkGeo President, Richard Lee aka IdRatherBeHiking, should be the first cacher to be in the spotlight.

    What is your geocaching name? IdRatherBeHiking

    How did you choose your handle? Before geocaching if I wasn't working I was out hiking somewhere.

    How long have you been geocaching? 8 years

    How did you find your first Geocache, and which one was it? I found my first geocache Spy Rock GCGK7B by accident. I stopped to eat lunch while out hiking and found an ammo can in the log I was sitting on. I had never heard of it before and after finding it I thought this was something I could really get into. I went home that night and ordered a gps.

    Who usually goes with you when you go caching? When my daughter was younger she went with me a lot. But now that she is older I go mostly by myself.

    How long will you work on puzzle caches before you give up? That really depends on the mood I am in that day. Lately I have a tendency to ignore puzzle caches until there are a lot of them in my area and then I will sit down and spend a half day working on a bunch of them before I go out and find them.

    What town/areas have you most enjoyed caching in? I have cached all over Arkansas and in other states. But my favorite area has to be my hometown of Russellville. The area around Russellville, Dardanelle, and Clarksville has always had a great group of geocachers and just continues to grow and expand with many great hides and new cachers.

    Do you do paperless caching? Yes I would never go back to the old way.

    What kind of geocaching rig do you use? Garmin Oregon 200

    Why would you recommend anyone else to take up geocaching? There are so many reasons but I guess the top three would be: 1.Getting to see places and things you would otherwise never see. 2. Getting out and enjoying the world around you. And 3. My Favorite. The people you meet.

    Where are you originally from? I was born and raised in East Texas but have now lived in Arkansas for half of my life.

    In what states you have geocached? Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi.

    What was your first event ever attended? Arkansas Meet Alabama! GCT912 hosted by our reviewer at that time NatureFish.

    How many caches have you found? 4095

    Which type of cache container do you prefer over the rest? I really don't have a preference. If you hide it I will find it. Of course bigger is easier to see.

    What was the most famous cache that you have found? I guess it would have to be the Binford Tool Time series by Cachemates.

    Do you use disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries? Disposable

    Do you enjoy hiding or finding more as your part of the hobby? I enjoy both but have not hidden nearly as many as I would like to.

    Do you have a personal goal in mind when you make a hide? To take the searcher somewhere they have never been or give the a hide they have never seen before.

    What is you favorite type of cache hide? Something clever that makes me go "WOW, I wish I had thought of that".

    Out of all your hides, what are your personal favorites that you take pride in? Probably would be "Yahtzee" GCHRJ3 and "A Little Rock Cache" GCR0C1

    What do you think the proper hide to find ratio should be to keep the sport fresh? It's really hard to give a ratio on something like this because the different hiders in geocaching are so diverse. Some folks just don't have the time it takes to hide and maintain a large number of caches where others have lots of time. This may sound bad, but some cachers just are not good hiders. However, at least they are giving something back.

    What's your favorite geocache? I can't really say that it is any one cache but my favorites are the ones that involve a good hike with great scenery.

    If money was no object, where would you like to go geocaching? A year long trip around the world.

    Do you like geocaching by yourself or in a group? I used to prefer going alone but over the years I have become a much more sociable person and like going in groups.

    How many First to Finds do you have? I quit counting a long time ago.

    Are you a First to Find person who is always set on go and if so, how many miles out do you have your settings on to get notifications? I feel like I have gotten my share of FTF's over the years so I tend to hold back and let some of the newer folks have a shot at it. It also seems that every time a new cache is published these days I am at work. I have my notifications set at 20 miles.

    Do you have any other hobbies besides geocaching?
    Hiking and Photography
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    Great idea - please keep them coming.
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    Awesome. Love the idea!

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    Good idea, gives us some more info on some of the people that we only get to see their names on logs!
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    I love this idea! kudos to whoever come up with it.
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    There are some great questions on here. I like it!

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    live in eastern Oklahoma
    Great Ideal. Will be watching to learn more about people that I have met at events or just saw their name on a log sheet.

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    I like it too. There are enough of us in this organization that we could have a new profile posted every week or two. Who's next?

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    Yes this is great! I look forward to others.

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    I never knew about this travel bug thing. Thanks for creating this hub!
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