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Thread: Looking for GREAT dayhike in Arkansas/OK

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    Looking for GREAT dayhike in Arkansas/OK

    I need ideas for a really good dayhike in Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma with lots of caching opportunities on it. The best we've found like this is at Petit Jean SP but we've found most of the caches along their trails. We're ready for somewhere different, some hiking and LOTS of caching. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

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    I always think of White Rock Mt. but am unsure about hiking/caching opportunities there. Might PM CacheNaFlash for ideas in that area.

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    I can offer a few places to consider:

    1. Ouachita Trail along north side and west of Lake Maumelle
    2. Mt. Magazine State Park
    3. Mt. Nebo State Park
    4. Devil's Den State Park
    5. Lake Fort Smith State Park
    6. Delta Heritage Trail State Park
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    White Rock does have quiet a few caches up there but they are spread out and require a lot of driving to get to different trails unless you want to walk great distances. There are some that are grouped together but not that many.
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