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Thread: Arkansas Caches that need to be Adopted!!!!

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    Arkansas Caches that need to be Adopted!!!!

    We need to start this Post so cachers around the state that can not find a cache can post them here and other cachers can try to get them adopted so they can maintain them and keep them in the caching community. I have adopted 2 that were disabled and the owners were from out of state and so I adopted them so I can maintain them and keep them up and running.
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    Nice idea. There was some talk on the GC boards about setting up a system for caches that need to be archived. Basically, if the owner cannot be contacted or no longer wishes to maintain it, the cache would be put up for adoption for a period of time instead of being archived immediately. I think this would be a good idea. Anyone know if this is still being discussed?
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    Cache adoptions

    This is a great idea. Being military, I know there will be out of the area/country for extended periods. I don't want to have to disable them while I'm gone. Likewise if I get orders to go to another base and won't be able to maintain the ones I have here, I would like to be able to place them up for adoption rather than archive and remove them. Right now I just have the one in my front yard 'Phantom's Haunt' which I will archive if I move, but I have plans for a few more in the area.

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