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Thread: Munzee

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    I just happened to see someone like "Munzee" on Facebook a couple of days ago and of course I had to see what it was.

    There is a web site that says that it takes geocaching to the next level.

    Here is the description from the web site:

    Munzee is a real world scavenger hunt game where items are found in the real world and captured using your smartphone. You then level up and gain rank based on your score. Points are obtained by capturing other people's munzees or when your deployed munzees are captured by someone else. Munzee is based off of the fundamentals of geocaching and adds another layer of fun to the hunt. Badges can be earned by unlocking specific achievements.

    What do munzees look like?

    Munzees come in any size or shape but all must contain a QR-code style barcode. The barcode combined with your GPS coordinates are the essential gameplay elements of munzee.

    Munzees can be hidden in containers, camouflaged or even in plain view.
    It is free to sign up and I downloaded the free app. I see there are a couple of "Munzees" deployed in Arkansas, but I just wanted to start a thread for discussion. Looks interesting, but with no guidelines I am afraid some could abuse it and slap them in places they shouldn't be. They have a discussion page that does list "Player Code of Conduct", but it is blank.

    I just bought a Droid X a few months ago and had seen some geocaches that were hidden that involved a puzzle using a QR barcode, but I haven't went any further with it.

    Who all has a smartphone ? What do you think about Munzee?

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    Very cool idea. I think something like this is a great addition to traditional geocaching. I still believe that geocaching's long-term survival depends on its ability to adapt in a society that is always changing.

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    More of them are springing up! I plan on putting out a few around here, you can hide them or just have them in plain sight, in a cache or out on their own, I wish they had a way to download to your gps, but maybe that will be coming

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    We have placed a few in Hot Springs area in the last few days. Already found. ArkFireMedic & 2Ter came from ElDorado to find them today. Put mine in our geocaches to maybe draw those who don't already geocache.

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    I don't have an iphone 4, so I can't play with this.

    I really hope the new phone comes out in September as rumored.

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    I've got the 3GS and it works well, but my wife's 3G doesn't because it doesn't have "auto-focus".

    2ter and I had fun yesterday scoring our first munzee find and our first munzee "FTC" - First to Capture!

    Thanks flyfishingcachers!

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    My 3G will read QR codes but Munzee wouldn't download because of no autofocus. It looks like fun. I did some smartphone caches in Las Vegas and they were a blast!

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    I plan on doing a few of these... even if it doesn't last long, it looks like fun!

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    Just got my IPhone yesterday and just had to try it out on the way home today. There just happened to be one pretty close to one of my caches not far from home. I thought I might be the first capture it but someone else beat me to it yesterday. This could be an interesting idea to give all the locals in an area something to do when they have found all the caches in their city. It could also be integrated into a multi cache somehow. Figuring out a way for anyone to do it even without a smart phone would be the trick.

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    I found one in New York before I flew out on Sunday. I was FTC!!! I had a bit of difficulty as the internet connection on the iphone was not so great where it was hidden.

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