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Thread: Greatest Day I've Ever had Geocaching...

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    Greatest Day I've Ever had Geocaching...

    I just had to tell about my greatest day of geocaching to date. It started out this morning with me and my dad (who has now finally signed up on by hitting up the Mt. Magazine Parkcache (GC1D3FC) and the nice little Benefield Trail. Wecould hav edriven up to Signal Hill but decided to make an adventure of it. So, we parked at the Greenfield parking area and proceed down the Greenfield Trail to 10th Anniversary Cache (GC1CE7J). After we got down to where it meets up with Mossback Ridge Trail, we decided what the heck we've come this far, might as well find another cache. We made our way to Mossback Ridge Cache (GCVX0M) and saw several deer along the way. We proceed up to Signal Hill Trail and finally arrived at Signal Hill (GCH3FN). After we rested for a little bit, we figured why go back the way we came after traveling this far. So we decided to end the day hiking back along the North Rim Trail, and let me tell y'all, if you have not gone on this trail, it is a must do if you enjoy hiking.

    The reason why it was such a wonderful day of caching didnt lie in the numbers found but in the company I had, my dad. Along the way on the North Rim, me and my dad stopped at Dill Point, all I can say about this is that this is just an awesome majestic view. It is amazing that God had made such a beautiful site for us to behold. We both teared up a little bit and had a little prayer, thanking God for such beauty. It also puts an exclamation point on those years I spent in the military, seeing the beauty that I was serving to protect. We finished our day and headed home.

    Sorry for the rant, but it truly was as absolutley day geocaching with my dad!

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    live in eastern Oklahoma
    What a great story and the day before Father's Day. Glad you got to enjoy such a great time with your dad.

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    This sounds wonderful. I know my Dad would probably have enjoyed geocaching alot. My Mom - we've taken her a couple times and she's sat there and said, "Try there. How about there? Look over here."

    We used to go as a family on our hiking/geocaching trips. It was truly a lot of wonderfully spent time together before Mark died.

    Appreciate your Daddys while you have them!


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