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Thread: Taxation without Representation caching

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    Taxation without Representation caching

    So I was in Virginia all week and decided to hit some DC caches while I was waiting for my flight to leave on Saturday. First, I want to point out a few things that are interesting I noticed:

    1. They like caches bigger than 35mm containers.
    2. They like a variety of cache types.

    Here's my adventure story: I went into DC Friday afternoon to do some sight seeing and visit an old college friend. We were walking around and I ran into a person I had just met a few days before at the conference. Anywho, as I was sitting at the Lincoln memorial, a storm started brewing near the Washington Monument. I wanted to grab some virtuals, so I ventured out into the storm (it wasn't raining) to grab some. We hit the Korean memorial and then the Vietnam memorial. It was here that it started raining. It wasn't bad at first, but within a few minutes, the rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see and trees wouldn't block it. 45 minutes later, my friend and I were still out in it and soaked completely. He waded into almost knee deep water running down the road and I was doing everything to keep my phone and ipod dry. We just couldn't find places to get that were dry (we were around the mall). It eventually got to the point that everyone was completely soaked.

    Anywho, I managed to keep my geocaching documents dry enough to read my answers to the virtuals (I knew you guys were concerned).
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