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Thread: bbCode Extension for Firefox Browser

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    bbCode Extension for Firefox Browser

    Problem: For those of you who use Firefox for your choice of browser, you may have noticed the bbCode tags don't seem to always work properly in php forums, like the ones here. For example, in IE, you can highlight text in a forum post and then click the appropriate bbCode button to add formatting (such as bold or italics). However, in Firefox, the codes are put at the end of the text instead.

    Solution: I found an extension for Firefox called bbCode. It creates a bbCode context menu, so that when you want to insert formatting, you simply highlight the text to format, then right-click and choose it from a menu. You can even add smilies ()! You can install the extension from

    Now if I can just find a spell checker...

    **EDIT** A nice spell checker can be found at
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    Thanks Gaddiel,

    I particularly like the spell check one. I usually would compose a reply in Word, then cut and paste here or whatever forum I was on at the time (I visit several).

    I cant remember if I have shared this particular one with the group here, but I have shared it with one of the other boards I visit. If you miss the inline auto complete feature that IE has, this is how to get the same feature in Firefox.

    1. To do so, type about:config into the address (url) bar. The list will appear.

    2. Right click on the list anywhere and choose New/Boolean

    3. Type in browser.urlbar.autoFill and click OK

    4. Choose true and click OK

    5. Congratulations! You now have inline autocomplete in Firefox.

    I cant take credit for this as I copied it from the MozillaZine Forums site. If you care to read the entire thread, here you go....

    Also, the extension Tweak Network works very well for me to speed up the entire surfing experience with firefox. Download it from the extension page, and once installed, click the tool option, then tweak network settings and select "power user", then apply. Things should be much faster.


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