I used to have a cache along Hwy 7 in northern Pope Co. called "A Different Point of View" (GCQ1P8), which I eventually had to archive due to it being muggled several times. On one occasion, "CacheMates" stopped to check on it on their way to Branson around Christmas time and posted a note that it was probably missing (they had found it previously, so they knew where to look). So I paid the cache site a visit a few days later, all prepared to replace it. Here's the log about what I found (dated 12/29/06):

I went by to check on this cache today, with a replacement all set to go. When I checked the hiding spot, the cache was there! Well, maybe not exactly where I had hid it, but within about 4 feet. It was a little difficult to spot and I figured that "cachemates" had just missed seeing it. I pulled the cache to check the contents and so some restocking (badly needed!) and then I read a few of the recent log entries. Well, it looks like the cache WAS missing when "cachemates" went by! Apparently, a muggle family found the cache by accident and didn't know what it was. So they took it with them to Branson, where it spent Christmas! At some point, they figured out what it was and then replaced it on their return trip back through the area. What a hoot!