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Thread: Need help with garmin oregon 200

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    Need help with garmin oregon 200

    When I hook my gps up to my computer I have been able to go to the open file and see the geocache visits that I have logged found. On geocaching .com (my profile) I can upload these via of access field notes-- then upload field notes.

    My problem is that even though I have finds in my gps there is no "geocachings visits" in the folder now. I still go here and the gpx files are here.

    Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I don't have that Garmin, but a 62s, yet the file system seems identical. The machine should generate that visits file as a .txt file. I'm wondering if you might check for new firmware for that machine and see if that fixes the problem, or return to default settings or do a hard boot of the GPX. I'm not sure which "buttons" are to held for that process. I will say that Garmin call-in support is generally very helpful with these problems. Might give them a call.
    Good luck..

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