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Thread: Help needed at Boy Scout Camporee on March 5

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    I thought about coming to help (I would have loved to camp out Friday night) but it's just too far for me. As well, I believe Anna has plans on Saturday, so it's just not going to work for me. Hopefully some others will pitch in to offset my laziness

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    BSA, I hope everything goes great at the Boy Scout Camporee. I tried to talk my wife into taking me there so I could help out anywhere I could but since I had a lot of trouble in recovery after my surgery (had trouble breathing, almost had to be put on a respirator), she wasnt to keen on me going. Hopefully I can help out in the future, since I dont see anymore surgeries any time soon.

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    Thanks to all that came out - MathSeeker, Woodwalker, Mr. & Mrs. ozarkxtreme & Twister97. They braved the cold, wet weather and helped a bunch of Boy Scouts and their leaders learn about geocaching. The rain changed our plans around but the Scouts were still enthusiastic to learn more about our game.

    I'm sure we'll see more Scouts involved in geocaching since there is now a Geocaching Merit Badge they can earn. If you know any Scout leaders in your area, look up the merit badge requirements and tell them you'd love to help their troop earn the badge. I"m sure they'll be glad to take you up on your offer!
    Here is the merit badge:

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    We are the Merit Badge Councilers for it in the Ouachita Area Council. If you know any Scouts in the area and want to work on this tell they to get in connect with Diana or Parker Houser, the Council office know who we are! LOL


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