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Thread: How far will you go?

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    Call me a slow poke or something, but I just don't get into FTFs. If I am really in the mood to go hit some caches and a FTF just happens to pop up, I might go grab it. If it's no inconvenient...too much. I don't even have instant notifications set up. I suppose I should do that...

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    I love the instant notifications. We first met edieo on a race to a FTF about 20 miles from here. It was hilarious because she would take a wrong turn and then we would take it right behind her. That happened 2 or 3 times before we all made it to the final cache site. First met captaincooder on a FTF hunt in Knoxville, etc.. and so forth. We love the thrill of the hunt, but also meeting other FTF addicts.

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