2/12/11 GC2MGR5
This starts at 2:30 pm and ends at 2:45pm.
Budget to arrive 30 minutes before the posted start of the event. Write down your cache name on a index card. Stand around, walk about, the lower leval, near Chick-fil-A, but don't geather as a group, pretend not to know each other or give any indication that something is about to happen, don't go near the posted location. The concept of a 'Flash Mob' event is to give the impression to onlookers (affectionately known as 'muggles') of "Where did all these people come from - and what are they doing."
Be prepared. Identify the start signal, and hustle.
The signal for a 'Flash Mob Cache' event is the placement of a bucket at the location. Once the signal is given, converge. People will be coming from everywhere.

In the next fifteen minutes, you will have to sign the log (drop off your index card) trade swag (from the tub) share stories (chat) pose for the group photo.

At the fifteen minute mark, disperse. All participants should scatter in every direction, giving the impression of having never been there. As in all geocaching events, respect the environment. Cache in, trash out - take any refuse with you.

But don't be late - this event will last only 15 minutes. You need to be ready to cache on a schedule.

•Don't arrive early - no one will be there..

•Don't arrive late - again, no one will be there..

•Arrive and disperse in a "scatter" type manner to achieve the greatest visual effect..

The after party will be at another location. About 1.3 miles away.
N 34.46.859 W 92.13.073
Cracker Barrel
3101 Springhill Dr.