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Thread: 2010 stats and goals for 2011

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    2010 stats and goals for 2011

    Some of my statistics for 2010.

    Total finds for the year: 1013 beat my goal by 13
    Best Day: 177 caches on 09/24/2010
    Best Month: 240 caches in August of 2010
    Events attended: 20 - regular events
    1 -10 year Lost and Found Event
    6 - Cache In Trash Out Events
    Hosted 2 Events also
    EarthCaches found: 7 in 3 different states

    Goals for 2011
    Reach 5000 finds before end of year
    Find all active caches in Arkansas that were placed in the years 2000, 2001, and 2002.
    Hide at least 10 quality caches that involve a hike.
    Publish 5 Earthcaches
    Publish 1 Wherigo Cache
    Find GCNEMT Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain

    Begin work on getting approval for caches to be hidden in the National Parks in Arkansas.

    What are some of your stats and goals?

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    Well I only started in September but here are some of my statistics for 2010.

    Total finds for the year: 300
    Best Day: 190 12/31/10
    Best Month: 255 December

    Longest/ Current Streak: 36 days. Started 12/11/10

    Goals for 2011:
    -Finish year with at least 500 finds
    -Attend 6 Meet and Greets
    -Finish Arkansas State ParkCache Challenge
    -Find at least one cache in every surrounding state
    -Complete at least half of the Delorme Challenge
    -Place some hides that is a Series
    -Complete at least one monthly "Cache To Do List"
    -Find at least one cache a day until at least 12/10/11. Would give me 365 day streak.

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    Wow, IRBH. You've been thinking and analyzing.

    Some thoughts...

    1) Best month August, but 177 caches on a single Sept day. I know the feeling. Power trailing sucks it out of you.
    2) 20 Events! Goodness!
    3) Looking forward to those caches with a hike, but where? Guess you'll be busy filling out USFS permits
    4) Earthcaches? HR and I are scheming as well, but I'm not sure where to start. I've been to, but no big help there. I've got a few books on my wish list that may help, but I'm curious how your work is coming.
    5) A Wherigo? Awesome. Even harder than an Earthcache. Here in R'ville? That would be cool. I'd like to use my new iPhone app.
    6) There's a group going up Sugarloaf tomorrow morning!

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    I'm not sure how to use gsak properly yet, so I'll tell you that I found some geocaches in 2010 and had fun doing it.

    This year I plan to find more geocaches and I better break 1000 (I have 800 now). I also hope to hide more quality geocaches.

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