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Thread: New is Jonesboro/Brookland

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    New is Jonesboro/Brookland

    I've been caching for about 2 1/2 weeks and I love it! I'm not very good at finding the tricky micros yet but I'm learning and having a blast doing it. I find myself looking for places that would be good hiding spots as I'm driving down the road! Anyway, just wanted to say hello to fellow cachers in the area. Also was wondering what type of devices you all use. I only have the app on my iphone and it doesn't always get good reception so I'm thinking about getting a gps but am clueless as to what to get. I'm honestly very directionally challenged and have trouble even with the iphone locator. Would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks

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    Well let me say, welcome to this crazy addiction!!!

    As far as GPS's go, I have a Lowrance Endura Safari. It seems to do great for what I need it for. Since I am an avid hunter ( hunt anything that's in season), it works great for marking new game trails, feeding area, bedding areas, etc. Everyone though has their own that they like. Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty nice. Biggest draw back would be that it eats the battery life pretty quick, but I always carry fresh batteries with me everywhere I go.

    I used my iPhone for awhile, and it does great for most City caches, it kind of gets lost with any tree coverage. I found this out the hard way trying to do my first Arkansas State ParkCache. I would say if you definitely plan on staying with this crazy addiction, then definitely get a GPS handheld unit.

    Welcome to geocaching, and remember to have fun with it and soak in the whole experiance.

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    Thanks for the reply. I understand about the tree coverage meaning up iPhone reception, it didn't even handle craighead forest very well!

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    BriarRose2010 it sounds like you may be addicted already.
    Welcome to the greatest game in the world!

    I use a Garmin 60csx. I would recommend it, if you plan on caching for a long time. I have friends with all different types of GPS units, including the I-phone. It is really just a matter of what you get use to.

    Again Welcome and Happy Caching!
    One cache at a time!

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    Welcome BriarRose2010. I agree the Mathseeker that this is the greatest game in the world. I use an ORegon 200 gps and it serves me well. There are all kinds out there. Good luck on your quest. Hope to meet you at an event on or the trails someday.

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    Welcome to our board, To get a feel for many different models, try going to on meet-n-greet or other "event" style geocache to meet fellow cachers and to chat about the units they use.

    Have fun!

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    Welcome to the game !!

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