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Thread: When do most people go caching?

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    Me and my crew go between 12 am and 7 am. Hence the name haha. it just feels right going at night. It does make the finding harder but it's relaxing and always fun. Coffee and energy drinks work magic. I do hide my caches during the day tho!

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    I'm still new to this (only 94 finds so far) so have only done daytime caching. If I'm out running errands, I'll try to grab a PNG or two, especially since during the summer, I'm usually in flipflops and not dressed for caches that involve much terrain at all. On the weekends, I like to put on my boots, grab my bag & hike to do some serious caching. Now that summer has hit, and I melt, I'm definitely going to do more morning caching.

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    It depends on what time of the year. I love winter caching for the lack of creepy crawlies and flying crawlies and it makes even the most mundane cache fun. Spring and Fall are my next favoritest time. We usually cache during the day and weekends. But sometimes I go collect one or two on my lunch hour. And in the heat of summer I prefer urban caches (more of a lack of creepy crawlies) and I prefer doing them in the evening (after dark) for less heat. We gathered a group of us several times this last summer, picked an urban area and tried to clean it up in a couple of hours. Much fun without the summer sun beating down on ya! Now Pizzaboy2600 doesn't like the creepy crawlies, but loathes winter even more...
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