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Thread: FREE WiFi Access Points in Arkansas

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    I made a purchase because I wanted a snack, but I didn't need a key to log on.

    On a side note I was back In Russellville this weekend on my way to Pedestal Rocks and droped into Higher Grounds (N35 17.297/W093 08.031) across from McD's. Their Wi-Fi is also quick and painless and their milkshakes beat McD's 200%.

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    Siloam Springs, Arkansas

    Siloam Springs WiFi Access

    City Coffee Co., located at 1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite H, in Siloam Springs, has free WiFi access with no purchase required. You can even use it after hours if you park in the front parking lot.

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    Minor update to this thread...

    All McD's that didn't have hotspots before, do now, but they are Waypoint Hotspots and charge either by the use (2 hours for ~ $3) or a monthly subscription to the waypoint network. I THINK that some of the ones that already had free access like the one in Russelville are still free, but I don't really know. Has anyone checked lately?


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    Here is a new "hotspot" though I don't think it's intentional.

    I went looking for the "DamGoode Hide" cache this morning and I had the laptop up and running when I parked at the listed coordinates. When I got back in the car it told me I was connected to the internet. Seems someone withing range of the parking lot uses the default setting on a linksys router for their broadband access.

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    Free WiFi Stone County

    The Stone County Library in Mountain View has free WiFi

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    free wifi

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsGeoark
    Free: The Coffee Beanery, Ft. Smith, on Hiway 71 South on north bound side in new Italian Market Place across from McDonalds on the south bound side.

    Not far from Boo Crew, LukyWest Team, Rusty da Dog and Geoark1 caches and several other's caches. Find a cache, have a coffee and log your finds.

    They have great sandwiches toooooooooooo.
    Mrs. Geoark
    The Coffee Beanery is out of business now I believe.

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    All McD's now also have free wireless. A brand new policy that I love!!!! Maybe Starbucks will follow their example soon?


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    All McD's now also have free wireless. A brand new policy that I love!!!!
    I think that starts next month. That will be great for me!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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    wifi spots

    I know most of Arkansas is up to date when it comes to high speed internet, but something I know a few locals do is get the modems from AT&T and Verizon and then hook them up to wireless routers. I have tried this before and it is quite a step up from dial up. Plus you can use it in your car for a mobile hot spot (which I think is the coolest thing ever!).

    As far as hot spots go, I have always had good luck with hotels, although I wonder how legit that is. I figure it's their fault for not making me use a password and such, but feels like stealing. On that note, I once heard that using an unsecured wireless network was not illegal without the owner's permission but that using a secured network without permission was. Anyone know about that?

    I have access on the U of A campus, but the main campus requires(ed) a special program to be installed on the computer. I am not sure if they have overcome this yet, but it was extremely annoying.

    In Glenwood, the church of Christ has free wi-fi. Use it respectfully and I am sure no one would care. There just so happen to be a few caches very, very close.

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    also at co0lbreez my cache its here at my w0rk,and i knew of a few but its been a while that i was at them here in searcy,ar
    if you want for me to find them i will //just let me know ok

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