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Thread: Cache Upload

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    Cache Upload

    Okay, so I decided to do some caching this week but I forgot my cable to connect to my Delorme PN-40. So I was wondering if it is possible to directly import GPX files to a SD card using TOPO 7, direct drag or maybe GSAK?


    p.s. I hope to go tomorrow, so the sooner you can help, the better.

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    I'm not familiar with the Delorme GPSr, but with GSAK, you can open a PQ and then save it as a GPX file. You could also bypass GSAK by unzipping the PQ file to get the resulting GPX file. You should then be able to copy the file to an SD card, and I assume that your Delorme would be able to read it. Good luck!
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    I know you have long since worked on this problem. The newer Topo 9 has a component that manages PQ's for the hand helds. DeLorme also has a free software program that complements this function on "9" and it might work with "7" and the PN-40. It does work independently with PN-60. Might get the info on the micro-SD also?? I'll investigate to see if I can find that software on DeLorme's site.
    Do you have this product?

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