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Thread: List of My All Time Favorite Caches

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    Aug 2011
    Jacksonville, AR
    On the tenth day of geocaching, Arkgeo asked me to...
    make a list of my ten all time favorite caches.

    #1. Heads up, Clinton, AR
    #2. The Bandit, Clinton, AR
    #3. Dirty Shoes, Jacksonville, AR
    #4. 2Ter's Cache, El Dorado, AR
    #5. House of blue lights, Jacksonville, AR
    #6. Oh no, Jacksonville, AR (mainly because we spent about 2 hours looking for it)
    #7. Historical site, Jacksonville, AR
    #8. artelco, Clinton, AR

    That's about all I got for now.

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    Cabot, AR
    I have a very singular favor cache and that is the Lafarge Quarry Concretions Earth Cache (GC204M4) in Alpena, MI. My grandfather worked at this quarry for many, many years and every time my family went to visit, my dad would always drive us by here to reminisce. In 2011, my grandfather past away and my brother and I drove up for the service. During our time there, we stopped by the old quarry and I noticed that there was an Earth cache right there. I couldn't pass up the opportunity and when I got back home to log it, I noticed that both LostBoys2007 and CabotFish were there not too long ago for training. Small world!

    Anyway, with the memory of what that place held for me, grabbing an awesome EC and seeing that I was not the only out-of-place Arkie that visited it, it marked itself as the most memorable cache to date!


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    dexterjg Guest
    5 Top caches from 2012:

    GC4113 Sitting on a Spider

    Gangsters in Joplin

    GCQYXW Geocacheotopia-Wichita, KS

    GC2ETY3 Hoosier CaCO 3 Sinkhole

    GC1W2D8 Pick A Number

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