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Thread: Honeymoon Trip to New Orleans

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    Van Buren
    I still need to get our honeymoon pics printed up. With the trip just being the two of us, most of the pics are of one of us at a time which makes for some odd honeymoon pics or they're of the reaching out holding the camera and blindly taking pics of ourselves variety. lol. I'll see what I can do though.

    Hope you can make it to the breakfast. I've always heard they have a good breakfast buffet there but have never eaten it, but I do know I can make a mean dent in some breakfast buffet bacon.
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    Guwisti I am glad you are hosting breakfast event in Van Buren. The first event I ever attended was a breakfast event there two years ago. They do serve a good breakfast buffet. Looking forward to seeing all the area cachers and some out of towners there as well.

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    edieo Guest
    I'm hoping to be able to attend the Breakfast event I had a blast at your Stand Event ,,Right now it's just a wait and see thing ...

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    Ashallond Guest
    I'm a probably...gotta see if I can talk my wife and child to come with or not.

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