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Thread: Prayers needed

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    CacheMates are fine. I talked to them yesterday twice. We were worried about oenavigators who were supposed to be camping in that area but found out later in the day that they postponed their trip.

    Our prayers and thought go out to the families of those who were injured or killed or still missing in that area.

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    My prayers are with them as well, cannot imagine the horror they went through and what the families of the missing are going through now.

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    Jerry and I have spent most of the day and part of yesterday at the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church at Lodi, Ar. There were over a 100 people there that we had lunch for today. Food has been donated from all the people from surrounding areas. Food was brought in from McClards, Stubby's, and Domino Pizza out of Hot Springs. Chicken and all the trimmings was brought in from Mena. Pizza from Pizza Shack in Glenwood. Gator Ade donated from Sam's in Hot Springs. I know I have not listed everyone but you can get a sense of how much food and supplies have been donated. Governor Beebe, Blanch Lincoln, Mark Pryor, and Mike Ross have been there. There are families there that have lost loved ones and they haven't been found yet. One group of 10 only four remain, the rest are missing. There are lots of people there that I don't know what their story is, but someone in the family is missing. I left up there at 4 o'clock and 2 bodies had been found at that time. We only saw a small part of this tragedy, you can only imagine what it must have been like to have been there. These people need prayers.

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    Thank you Jerry and bonnie for your service to the victims and their families.
    No, I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have been there. It is too horrible to think about
    I'm sure your kindness helped them at this tragic time.
    Our prayers go out to them. wish we could help more.

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    As searcykid mentioned Mrs. Cachemates, I too appreciate the efforts you both have given to strangers. Kerry actually pointed Jerry out on Channel 7 News last night before you responded to this thread, so I knew y'all were there assisting. This could have just as easily been me and my family there and I am so very thankful people like yourselves have given so much to these strangers. I will keep not only the victims in their families in my prayers, but also you and Jerry and the other volunteers as well. Until you have actually been on the scene of such a tragic situation, you can't understand what you must both be going through, but it is something I can remotely relate to, on a much smaller scale of course. Thank you again for what you both have done. Justin

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    I'll keep everyone in my prayers ..yesterday at church we had a special prayers session for everyone involved.

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