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Thread: 2010 ArkGeo Board Member Election

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    2010 ArkGeo Board Member Election

    As announced at the ArkGeo 2010 Annual Membership Meeting on Petit Jean this past weekend, three new Board members have been elected and will take office on July 1st, 2010. The newly elected Board members are:

    Ron Laster-rkl of rklmbl
    Judy Vaughn-mathseeker
    Tim Stone-BSA534

    Congratulations to them all and thanks to everyone who voted.

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    Congratulations to the new board members

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    Congratulations to all the new board members. We would also like to thank all the board members: new, present, and past for all their hard work and time to promote the sport/hobby/game of geocaching. We appreciate all that you do so that all of us can enjoy this great pastime.

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    Congrats to the winners. Were the vote totals ever announced? On-line?

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    Below are the vote totals from the election:

    80 members voted.

    Candidate/ # of Votes / Percent
    1. Ron Laster (rkl of rklmbl) 52 65%
    2. Judy Vaughn (MathSeeker) 50 63%
    3. Tim Stone (BSA543) 45 56%
    4. Holly Thorwarth (gingerose) 42 53%
    5. Brian Landers (geojeepers) 34 43%
    6. David Cope (Grizz51) 15 19%

    Percentages may not total 100%, since voters can vote for more than one option.

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