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Thread: Android phones + c:geo

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    I checked the battery usage on the phone, and it told me that GPS Status had used almost half of the battery power since the last charge. I ran GPS Status for a few minutes, and the last charge had been more than 12 hours previous. Like I said, I don't think what I got from GPS Status is worth the used battery power.

    When I've had problems with c:geo not getting the GPS signal I have been out in the open with no tree cover. Sometimes it works perfectly and quickly, and other times not at all. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy the app, but it's far from perfect, and it's probably best to keep another GPSr around for when/if c:geo starts acting up.
    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I'll check it on mine and see what I get.
    I had some time today, so I turned on my Droid at 12:15 pm and the battery indicator said I had 80% left. I turned on the phone's GPS, and then started up GPS Status, and went outside with it for maybe 10 minutes. Left the GPS on and GPS Status running. Checked it several times, and at 1:52 I hit 70%. I kept repeating this every once in a while. I hit 60% at 3:50 pm. Right now (right at 5:00 pm), I still am showing 60% battery left.

    I noted a couple of things. First, I have my screen brightness set about 20% up from minimum on the slider (main screen, menu, settings, sound & display, brightness). I've found in the past that screen brightness rapidly drains the battery, and you don't really lose much usability by turning it down. I don't have a lot of other running services - Astrid, Weather Channel, Battery Status, CallLogService, Assistant (paid app that monitors financial accounts), Shapewriter keyboard, and live wallpaper.

    The Home screen for me uses the most battery, probably because of the "live wallpaper" I have installed (maybe I'll take that off...!).

    I know when I am actively caching, the battery drains faster than this, but I am sure because I also use the phone as a turn-by-turn GPS in the car with Google Maps, and because I have the screen on for longer periods of time.

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    Just got a droid eris & was really looking forward to trying out c:geo. But as of today, c:geo is not working. Hope they get it fixed soon.

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    Checked it again this morning. Looks like they got it fixed. Can't wait to try it!

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    Yes, the author is really responsive to any problems. I just tried it and it is working as it had been. Have fun!

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    Just loaded the c:geo app on my droid. It seems to work great for me. The new update just came out. Another cool thing is
    if you have this on in c:geo it will show you live on a world map.

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    I had been so tied to my iPhone I was worried about my new droid, but after seeing how well the gps worked I was thrilled. I just loaded the programs mentioned now can't wait to try them out. Thanks for all the input.

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    A while back I noticed this line on the web site:

    We will be introducing a version of the application for Android in Q2 of 2010.
    It was on their page for the iPhone geocaching app.

    I saw on another page it was discussed that the app for the Android should be out soon.

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    I just bought a Droid X and put the g:geo app on it. It is FREE and so far looks like it is working well. There have been some revisions of the app since this thread was first started. I plan on taking it along with my GPSr this weekend to find a few caches and see how it does. I will report back...

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    I love this app & can't imagine not having it. However, for the past week or two, the "radar" option has been freezing up frequently. I've exited the app & re-opened it and even tried re-booting. It eventually gets going again but it's quite frustrating to be within the general area of a cache, ready to narrow down the search, and then have the gpsr freeze up. Still, it's definitely worth the headaches & I highly recommend it to those who don't have it.

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