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Thread: New from the Fort.

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    New from the Fort.

    Hey everyone. I've know about Caching
    for awhile. But never thought I would like
    it. I WAS WRONG!!!! Two weekends ago I
    was in the Ben Geren with the family for
    a picinic. My brother in law caches from
    time to time. We found one close to where
    we were.

    After that I was hooked. I find at least one
    a day usually multiple. Not to high on the
    micro caches. But I love the ones that are
    hard to get too.

    If anyone needs a partner to go after a tough
    one just holler at me. I'm up for it. Name is
    the same on Look forward
    to meeting you all someday.

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    Glad to see a new face in the fort. If you have any questions, we'll be glad to answer em. Who's the brother in law?

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    welc0me the the hobby i have a few that is on its way to become apart of my own caches so0n you wrote you like the 0nes that is hard to get t0? here is one → ... 3980ae8c7b
    i have seen some also that it takes a rabbit to get t0 it
    but welcome

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    Welcome to the ever-addicting sport of geocaching. My husband and I have not been here that long either. I did have the same name on as I do here but since my husband did not want to start his own account we changed it to a team name, which is Team CaDo (For Carl and Donna) I beleive you are helping my TB thanks bunches. We were trying to get out once a day but when the weather started getting wacky and unstable around here my migraines started acting up so we havent been out much. We plan on going to the event in June at Petit Jean. Hope to meet you at an event soon or out on a trail sometime.

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    Dav That one is a long way from home.But will give it a go one of these days.

    Farmnurse Yeah I took your little truck to Pa.
    We stopped at a few caches along the way.
    I'm not sure if I will make it to the Petit Jean
    get together or not. I will try. Would love to get
    some pointers from the seasoned vets.

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