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Thread: Caches on the Delta Heritage Hiking Trail State Park

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    I did part of this trail yesterday (Memorial Day), covering the first 3 miles of the trail. It was part of my personal challenge to find 200 caches in one day. I spent the morning completing the Americana Highway power trail, giving me 173 finds and 1 DNF, before heading over to this trail to get my final tally up to my goal of 200. Along the way, I found an additional 9 caches, including the Louisiana State Park ParkCache.

    I arrived at the Delta Heritage Trail State Park parking area near # 1 of that power trail series, unloaded my bike, and found my first cache at 2:45 PM. By 5:10 PM, I had biked 3 miles, found 18 of the power trail series, found the ParkCache, and had 7 DNFs for my efforts. I'm glad I found those other 9 caches on my way from the Americana Highway series to this trail, because these caches were more challenging than I had anticipated. Of course, being hot, tired, and under time pressure all contributed to my high DNF rate. Nevertheless, my final tally for the day was 201 caches found, all found solo. This is a new personal best for me (my previous record number of finds in a day was something like 28 or 32), which I don't expect to exceed for a long, long time, if ever.

    I really enjoyed the Delta Heritage power trail quite a bit. I liked combining bike riding with caching. And, although this is a power trail, the hides are challenging and each one is a little different. I hope to return later this summer and finish the trail and the other caches, and hopefully redeem myself on my DNF's!
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    Nice job. I bet you're still smiling.

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    Geocaching Friday: Come Cache with Us!!

    Have you seen this event coming up next week? Just wanted to put an FYI out there. The writer loves geocaching but has trouple getting on the forum and asked me to post this:

    YOUR invitation to join me on a power trail outing!
    I am also known as Arkansas State Parks

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    Re: Geocaching Friday: Come Cache with Us!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeTrek
    Have you seen this event coming up next week? Just wanted to put an FYI out there.
    I saw this. I'd like to take another crack at that trail to avenge some DNFs, but I don't know if I can get out on Friday...

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