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Thread: An Arkansas Cache-mas Event

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    An Arkansas Cache-mas Event

    I got to thinking the other day (Yes, I know this is a scary thought.), that we could have a Holiday themed event.

    Everyone would bring a gift to exchange. However, there would be a twist. Each cacher/couple would hide their gift in/around the area of the event, and we would do a random draw of the coordinates to see who gets what gift.

    I figured we could meet at a local buffet style eatery (Ryan's, Golden Corral, etc) have lunch, conduct the drawing, then everyone would go and find his/her/their gift cache, finally everyone get back together at a set time/location, to open the gifts (No peaking before hand!!! ) and socialize some more.

    Some rules:
    1. No Difficulty/Terrain above a 2
    2. Gifts cost $10 - $25 (No cheap skates for this one!)
    3. You must bring & Hide a gift in order to play! (Fair is fair!)
    4. Have fun!!!

    I don't have the time to set this up, but if someone else could work out the details (i.e. Location, Date, Time), I'd be willing to help organize the gift caches!

    Just an idea!

    PS: I got this idea from a story that Jeepers (One of the Ozark Hountain Geocachers from Mo) told about a recent B-day party.

    PSS: Aren't smileys great!! I think this is the most I've ever used in one post!

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    Sounds like a very fun idea. I like it!


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    I like it also and I would not mind helping or starting to get everything together but If I got everything together it would be in the Fort Smith area. Just an Idea.
    If your not living life on the edge your taking up too much space!!!!!!

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    hey smiley man !

    check this out :

    springfield area christmas dinner party

    hope this helps you out!

    maybe i'll get to go to yours too!


    if you cache it, they will come.

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