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Thread: 10,000 Caches

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    10,000 Caches

    Thank You Ramblings from rkl on 10,000 Geocache Finds:

    Thanks to mbl, my caching partner, we have had a lot of fun and a few frustrations, but the fun has definitely outweighed the frustration.

    We appreciate our nongeocaching friends who have had to listen to our tales of geocaching.

    It has been our privilege to establish friendships with many Arkansas cachers and cachers from surrounding states and other countries. It has been proven to us many times that geofriends are the best friends. The many visits from geocachers and prayers after my stroke still have special meaning to me. Some of our best highlights have been caching trips with friends both inside and outside of Arkansas. Geowoodstocks and other Events have always been fun because we get to meet and to renew old acquaintances.

    Over the years we have been saddened because good friends and mentors have quit this wonderful game but new friends have stepped in to fill the gap. While new cachers may attempt to change the style of the game, we still appreciate their enthusiasm.

    When we started, if we could find 10 caches a day, it was a good day. But you must remember that on December 31, 2005, there were only 1275 caches in Arkansas.

    It has been fun to observe the likes and dislikes of other cachers as we visited different areas in Arkansas and in other states.

    We still enjoy unique caches, well written logs, and the call of the unfound caches. We appreciate the people who hold events and those who place caches, thus, giving back to the geocommunity.

    Our thanks to the Arkansas Geocaching Association Board for their efforts in promoting geocaching. I would be remiss not to thank our Arkansas reviewers, both present and past, and also the reviewers in other states that we have visited.

    Lastly, and most of all, we want to thank everyone for your friendship.

    Eo Orbis Terrarum Planto Novus Amicitia
    Travel the World Make New Friends

    Ramblings from mbl on 10,000:

    rkl has said it all but I want to emphasize that the overwhelming support from geocaching friends during his hospitalization after his stroke and since that time has been just mindboggling. Your continuing caring concern means more to us than we can possibly express in words.

    Now, you get the numbers…….We have traveled over 2000 geomiles per month since mbl starting keeping records at the beginning of 2006. And that includes trail walking and walking in circles hunting a cache that was in front of our noses the whole time. But it does not include our trips to Alaska and Europe. We have found over 6,000 Arkansas geocaches (including 1504 that have been archived since we found them).

    As rkl said, Arkansas had only 1275 caches on December 31, 2005. We now have 7975 caches in Arkansas. The explosion of caches and new cachers began in January 2006 and it seems like the numbers have grown exponentially since that time:

    Current Active Arkansas Caches by Year Placed:
    2000 - 1
    2001 - 13
    2002 - 34
    2003 - 91
    2004 - 201
    2005 - 305
    2006 - 742
    2007 - 1074
    2008 - 1681
    2009 - 2973
    2010 - 860

    A little trivia: At the end of 2005, there were 1275 active 2000-2005 caches in Arkansas. At the end of 2007, there were 1009 active 2006 caches and 1597 active 2007 caches. At the end of 2008, there were 1992 active 2008 caches. At the end of 2009, there were 3040 active 2009 caches.

    Arkansas, thanks to the dedication of Arkansas cachers, is now #3 in the number of cache placements for the states in this area (as of 6:20 pm 4-3-2010):

    Arkansas - 7975
    Kansas – 6839
    Kentucky – 7356
    Louisiana – 4934
    Mississippi – 3875
    Missouri – 5497
    Oklahoma – 6322
    Tennessee - 12068
    Texas – 37443

    We think Arkansas geocachers are the most amazing people in the world…from their creative caches to their dedication to the sport to their kindness to others. Thank you all. What a ride it has been!!!!

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    Congratulations to you both. I wish we were there to celebrate it with you both.

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    Congratulations to you both ,,May there be many more to come ..

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    Congratulations RKLMBL. What an amazing story you have experienced. We are so happy for you both and wish you many, many more smilies, NW & RBG

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    Thanks for the numbers analysis. I remember back when I started that three in a day was quite an accomplishment, and ten was, well, that was just a fantasy. Then came along these evil little things called "micros."

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    One cache at a time!

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    What an accomplishment. I can't imagine that number. You guys represent what the game is about. I wish you all the best on the next 10,000! See you guys soon somewhere I am sure!

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    Congratulations. You guys are the best. We're proud to count you amongst our friends.

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    That is so awesome! You guys rocks and I must say that the crowns look mighty nice out there on the trail. I absolutely love them

    I also love the statistics and the general information about caching in Arkansas. I am a fairly new (but not young cacher ) and sometimes we don't understand the tradition of geocaching in the state and how it evolved and continues to evolve.

    Thanks so much for teaching me so much and I can't wait for your event.

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