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Thread: Maintenance on a cache or contact owner?

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    Maintenance on a cache or contact owner?

    I know I am reviving an older post about replacing a cache, but my question has to do with firstaid on a cache. Would you rather I replace the log and bag if wet, or contact the owner? What do I do with the soaked log? If the log is full, do I just add another with it? Do I replace the cache if found and damaged, providing I have what is needed? Sorry for so many questions, I don't want to step on others toes. Thanks.

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    Personally I really appreciate it when someone replaces a wet or full logsheet on one of my caches. I try to do the same when I'm out caching too.

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    Anything that saves me a trip is appreciated. I carry spare logs, notepads, baggies, a container or two and a few o-rings in case I find one that needs attention. If I replace a log thats not a wet blob, I offer to get it back to the owner when it dries.

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    If you have a spare with you, it is much appreciated if you go ahead and replace it. Just put a note when you log it and hopefully the cache owner will thank you for saving them a trip.

    BTW Thanks for the few you replaced of mine in case I forgot to mention it

    I have replaced several over the years, but I don't carry them with me like I used too. I barely remember all the things that I used to carry when caching; spare batteries, logsheets, baggies, extra pen...
    Just getting to old for all the extra weight that I am now carry around my middle.

    Thanks for bringing up the old topic, it is good to talk about geocaching on this forum.
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    Just make sure you don't take it to the extreme that a fairly well known cacher at one time use to do. He prided himself on his ability to make self-proclaimed " better caches than anyone else". So when he'd find one that needed a bit of maintanance, he'd completely re-do it to meet his "better" criteria .... even if the owner was a perfectly active cacher.

    Stuff like hiding in a "better location", switching to a "better container", doing some major "better camoflague" .... in other words, it wouldn't even be anywhere close to the same cache after he got done with it.

    I think he'd usually send the owner an email saying he'd made his cache into a "better cache", so there was no need for him to come do any maintannce on it. Needless to say, that was just plain arrogance & wasn't long before cache owners were telling him to just leave their's alone, even if it was busted up & laying in the middle of the road.

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    I almost always carry extra stuff with me to fix full or wet logs or the like. Astrodav is right about not changing someones cache, but I know that when someone replaces a wet or full log for me, instaed of posting a "Needs Maintenance", I very much appreciate it. Ron White even went so far as to replace a bison tube O-ring for me last week! That's awesome!
    Another thing that I have done on occasion, is to replace one that is obviously missing. That doesn't happen very often, but when it even says it is a skirt lifter and it isn't there, I would go ahead and replace it, with the knowledge that when I notify the CO that I did that, they may ask me to delete the found log. It has never happened that way, but I know it could. I know WAAAY more cache owners would be appreciative than not, so I usually go ahead if I am SURE.
    Hope my 2 cents worth is helpful.
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    All of those that do not want any help with their cache please make a list.

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    wet logs

    I really appreciate it when someone replaces my log or my cache (but only after a few DNFs on a low difficulty in an obvious place). I have replaced a few caches in my life after multiple DNFs and the cache was supposed to be in a very obvious place. I also send an email and if the owner protests, he/she is more than welcome to go grab my cache and keep it. I just know how frustrating it is to not find a cache after hunting for a while and feel a duty to keep that from happening to others.

    To all those that have replaced my wet logs in caches that aren't as waterproof as I thought, I APPRECIATE IT!!! Your assistance is of infinite value to me.

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