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Thread: Hello from Conway

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    Hello from Conway

    Hi everyone. I am relatively new to the geocaching scene here in Conway and, as seems to be the case with most folks here, I am totally hooked! So far I've done most of my caching in Conway or Little Rock/North Little Rock area (where I work).

    I did have a quick question --- does anyone know if UCA has a no-geocaching policy or something like that? I recall checking out the geocaching site a year or 2 ago out of curiosity and remember seeing several, but now I don't see any. Just thought that was odd.


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    I work at UCA and had a geocache on campus a couple of years ago. When the new administration came on board, they were not as "geocache-friendly". I wasn't exactly turned down, but it was obvious they were not crazy about the idea.

    Since that time, there has been a shooting on campus and the campus police are (with good reason) a bit more twitchy. I can't speak for anyone else, but I just thought discretion might be the better option in this case, so I pulled it.

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    "Assuming" that it's OK to place a geocache anywhere is never a good practice. You should always seek permission. If you want to place a geocache on the campus of UCA, I recommend that you contact the Campus Police first and get their approval, or follow their guidance if you need to go elsewhere through the school administration.
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