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Thread: Two caches at GZ!

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    While doing the Arkansas State ParkCache series in 2008 Mz Grzz and I were searching for the cache at Marks Mills SP and found a matchtube cache with unidentified log. The hide was very good, but I was not able to find anything on it. I guess the cache is still there........I replaced it where I found it. We found the ParkCache about 25 yards from the matchtube.

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    I've found two containers for the same cache, a couple of times. I never know which log to sign

    another time, i found and signed the log of a multi i was seeking. A few days
    later the cache owner (friend of mine) was checking on the cache and noticed
    that my name was not on the log. I took some heat for that, but eventually
    i convinced him to meet me at the cache site. As i pulled the container out of its hiding spot, he remarked ' that's not my cache'. then he proceeded over
    to a tree about 20 ft away and pulled out his container. After some diligent
    research, we discovered that the container i had found was the final of
    another multi that started 5 miles away. The two final locations were within
    20 ft of each other. (reviewer?)

    and then there was the time i ended up with two containers at my OWN cache
    site...(blush). Long story to that one, but it involved the fact that i couldnt
    find MY OWN cache

    Has that happened to anyone else?

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    You know, a friend of mine was at the lake to see the swans...and he thought 'there should be a cache here!". While he was thinking that..he found a magnetic on a sign, and signed it (same one I bet). Then when he got back home he couldn't find the cache listed on So there's the other signature...

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    How interesting! He should post a find. Then the CO might go and take that thing out

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    Quote Originally Posted by HikerRon
    Long story to that one, but it involved the fact that i couldnt find MY OWN cache

    Has that happened to anyone else?
    Oh, I do that quite often. One of the Devious Devices caches, I had to raise the difficulty, after I spent 3 minutes looking for it. The Old, Low, New cache, I congratulated some other cacher for placing a foreign object on top of it (old air filter), because that's the only thing that prevented me from spending an hour searching for it. That filter is still there too.

    And one of my caches on Old Hwy 10, I've never even SEEN. I couldn't find it, even though I had previously been pointed to the exact area, so I archived it .... not being able to determine if the thing was actually there or not.

    In my defense, QC hid that one, when he helped me set up that trail. We just made a quick "Drive By And Point" on the ones he done. As soon as he is able to get back over there & find my cache for me, I'll probaly reactivate it.

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    Hey Cap'n, I found a great cache near your area last year, and then we found another one only like a hundred feet away. It was not an old one either. It had been signed recently, at that time. The cache we came to find was GC1W4KH. It is Baker's Creek Cemetery by courtmc479, I think.
    The "other" cache was in a crepe myrtle further away from the road from the "real" cache. It was interesting.
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    I have a tram law cache in Hope. One day I noticed an new cache posted but thought it a little strange. It was in the same location as the one I had in place. Only mine was magnetic and placed on the underside of the plate. The new one was a 35mm on the direct opposite side. I guess I should have signed it for the FTF but I contacted CW and it was archived. Manure Happens as they say.

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