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Thread: Another Idea To Bat Around.......

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    This does sound interesting.......... I, like at123, prefer to stay out of politics..... I have definite views and beliefs but have found that politics has ruined more friendships than I care to count, so I keep them to myself. I've been known to break a string or two so I might be coerced into jamming with someone.

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    Shadowcachers and I batted this subject around a while back, but nothing ever came of it. I think its a cool idea. I've listened to pretty much all of the English-speaking geocaching podcasts. I even wrote a long post about on here about my favorites. Some are better than others and I'd be glad to help where I could.

    As far as music goes, "Podsafe" is the term for music is available on the net. I believe there is even a podcast or 2 about it. Sonny on the Podcacher makes excellent use of podsafe music.

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