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Thread: Caching Anniversary

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    Caching Anniversary

    I found my first two geocaches 2 years ago today. What is funny about that is I can never ever remember dates, but I remember this one and I remember it VIVIDLY...of course getting a black eye at one of the caches may have helped

    When is your geocaching anniversay?

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    My first experience with Geocaching was Thanksgiving a year and a half ago. Gingerose was telling me about the sport and took me out to find a few caches around town. That evening Dexterjg and I joined her to find some of the caches that she was having trouble finding. We kept on caching into the night even though we were not prepared. The three of us were in the woods using the light from our cell phones and her GPS to find 2 caches that were there. I guess you would have to say I was hooked after that.

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    Happy anniversary Brenda!
    On Wednsday morning, March 21st 2007, I got out of the shower and got ready to go make a days worth of sawdust. When I came out into the living room, Mrs.Q said I DVRd something from the news that you have to see. It is right up your alley. It was a lady from the state parks telling about this game where people hid stuff and posted the coords online. I had a GPSr for hunting, but had never heard of this geocaching before. I got real excited and called my daughter in LR to "get me some of those coords"!
    On that Sunday, March 25, we climbed Ouachita Pinnacle and found our first cache. I am not sure, after that first experience, why Mrs.Q didn't make me give it up right then, but I guess she could see it was too late, and a monster was created.
    So I am coming up on three years doing this, and I have no intention of stopping, although this whole going to college thing will surely slow me down....temporarily.
    Thanks for sharing Bluesybreeze! This will be a great thread!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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    Congrats Bluesybreeze!!

    I really messed up back in 2000, I was watching one of the early news programs, can't remember which one, and they were talking about this hobby of using a GPSr and finding items that had been hidden, I got on the internet and checked out the site, put our zip code in and the closest cache was in Mt Home and some in MO. So I just dismissed it, I should have joined right then and would have been a charter member, oh well, It wasn't until 2003 when we were on vacation in Navarre FL that I checked out the sight again and I could see there was a cache only 700ft from where we were staying! So that was our first find on Sept 9, 2003. We didn't find that many more for a year or so and then things began to snowball. I still look back and wish I had joined back in 2000. But now we are on a mission to find caches in other states.. hope it never ends

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    Mine was 2/11/2008 Gutter Rock GCTV1Z I was with a friend in his jeep driving some back roads and he asked if I'd to try my hand at finding a Geocache ,,I had heard of it back in October '07 for a guy I worked with and had even join the site to check it out but had never had a chance to try before that day ,,Of course I said yes I would like to ,,I found it on my own ,,as they the rest is History ,,Been hooked every since ..

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    A week after CFD29 found his first cache, i was reading a Backpacker Magazine in Colorado. I saw a little blurb in there about Geocaching, went to the website and punched in my zipcode. Turned out there were 2 caches
    about a mile from my house! I grabbed my old garmin 12XL that i used for hunting and went to see if i could find them. It's hard to describe the feeling
    i had when i found that tupperware
    Now, after 6 years of caching i think back over all the wonderful places i've visited, the people i've met, and the the friends i've made.
    What a wonderful pastime.

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