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Thread: Logging of finds??????

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    Actually, come to think of it, no I didn't. I might need to go get tested for anthrax now.

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    Oh, please, please, please....I'm dying to know the "secret." I can't wait. I'm going to pee-pee in my pants!

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    Picture a blood vile for taking blood specimens but bigger, plastic or is it Lexan, and way cooler!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinmanJones
    Seeing as how Im the "n00b" here, I probably have no place in this thread (with my measly 105 finds)!
    But reading this makes me very aware of things I need to pay very close attention to!

    Tonight, my very first 4 hides were published (and yes, Im more excited than a fat kind in a Mc Donalds palyground), in NO way do I want to make a mistake (rules or not) in how I do things!

    I would hope, that if I make a mistake in logs, or maintenance, or even hiding up and coming caches, that someone would show me the correct way of doing things!

    There really is a TON of information for us new guys/gals to take in and learn!

    So, Im here, asking, someone please be patient with me and help me and other newbs along! I dont mind someone taking me by the hand and leading me, but do it in a respectful way!

    I know yall will, because that is the kind of community that we (most cachers anyway) have! And Im proud to be a part of this community!

    Thanks for making me a little more aware!
    As i am still learning the hobby also ,and i am not in it for the numbers i do it because its fun,and i get excitement out of it and a thrill of finding the bigger caches such as the ammo box's,and i am honest inside and out.I have notice that i could be way over 188 finds today if that i wanted to!But that would not be me,WE ALL HAVE have a choice to make in life good/bad.I choose good.I look at it whats in your soul ?So as i said im in it for the fun and n0t the numbers,and the next best thing about this geocaching is have your own cache's and reading thier storys,

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