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Thread: email change problems

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    email change problems

    I've created this login b/c i chnaged my email on drom913, and I've been locked out the forum. I did reactivate the account when an automatic notice was sent to my email. Gaddiel also reset my email manually, but I've still not been able to access forums under my old username. Ideas anyone?

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    thanks for the interest in my problem. i know a name is just a name. nothing too important. what's the difference in drmo913 & drmo? or for that matter, earl & url, chris and cris, mike & mik....


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    I guess I'm not understanding why there is an issue here. If you created a new account and it works just fine then WHY would you want to even access the site with the old one???

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    RE: idratherbehiking

    1. Because it is my account & the name that I choose for &
    2. Like a good geocacher, I love numbers! And the ....913 account has the historic statistics of my postings (or lack thereof).
    3. This is probably the most important one. If I've had trouble with changing my email, then other people in the future will probably have trouble as well. The reason for the problem and the solution should be found to prevent others from having the same issue.
    4. I only created this account to see the problem was with my computer or with the website. It was created with the idea of working towards a solution of the original name.

    Thanks for the reply. I'm saddened that it took a "*grumpy" post for someone to evoke a response-but thanks... Thanks for taking the time to even ask why...


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    Is there answer to as why the email wouldn't change and I was locked out?

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    I haven't been able to resolve your issue, drmo. Perhaps one of our webmasters can weigh in?

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