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Thread: Challenge Caches

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    Thanks! I actually had stumbled upon this and have it bookmarked. I see OEN bit off more than they could chew, reading novels of logs! I have so much prose that I'm semi-embarrassed. You'll be busy with my version of "War & Peace" in the not-too-distant future. next trip to F.S.

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    Here's a new challenge cache from myself: ... f8283d6ada

    Or, if link don't work right:


    I'm also considering making another similar one, which will require 26 "pre-caches". These will have to be on named county roads & you'll have to build the alphabet from them. (Or at least I think there's 26 letters )

    But I'm going to check about a 5 county area beforehand & make sure that all letters can be found. Some might be almost impossible, like maybe Z,Q,J, etc.

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