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Thread: Events questions?

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    Events questions?

    I am new and don't know much about any of the geocaching events that happen.
    I am located North of Dover and would like to know of all the events that take place, lets say in a 40 mile radius of me.
    I would like to know when, where and any other details.
    I know about the one happening in Paris this weekend but won't be able to attend that one.
    What does one bring to any and all events? Anything mandatory?
    And anything else that I should know?

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    This will take you to the Arkansas cache page. Has a link to all upcoming events and the latest caches posted.

    Events are all different. Some are big and have lots of games and things to do. Some are just get together and eat a meal and talk about caching.

    Maybe we will meet someday at an event!


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    I hadn't found that part of the geocaching site before.
    Proves to be very helpful. Thank You!

    Yes, maybe we'll meet one day at an event...I'll probably be the quite wallflower

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    Here is what I use, close to the same thing as CpDenton.

    Events are always on top. I saved it to my favorites and when I "click" on that is my start page. You may even be able to use it to get a FTF, but I would be really surprised. Good Luck just the same.
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    I just sign up for's news letter, it gives me all the most recent caches placed, most recent events, and mega events and even some news. it comes out on fridays usually if you sign up for it.

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    I signed up for the newsletter when I started geocaching.
    But I was mainly wanting to know if there were any events in the spring/summer/fall with the nicer weather and if anyone knew what the dates on them would be?
    And are there any Mega Events that go on around here? If so, when and where?
    Thank You for all the helpful answers so far. If I hadn't notice that part (signing up for the weekly newsletter) I would have totally missed out. It has been really helpful and neat to read weekly.
    I don't know how I missed both of those sections (from the links that's been provided) of

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    There are no mega events in Arkansas, so far. The association is working on the possibility of getting MOGA to Arkanasas in the next couple of years and also investigating the possibility of bringing GeoWoodStock to Arkansas in the near future.
    There are a few annual events throughout the year including the big Arkansas Geocaching Association Annual Membership Meeting. That event travels to different areas each year and this year will be help in Petit Jean Mountain State Park. There actually will be three different events, the main one Saturday, June 5th. Then that night, we will have a hot dog/marshmellow roast around a campfire. The following day, Sunday, June 6th, we will have a CITO event in the park.
    Saturday February 27th there will be two fun events at Mountain Harbor west of Hot Springs. I have heard that there are going to be lots of fun activities and I can hardly wait.
    Searcy will have its annual event Saturday, September 25th. It will be an all day event with lots of games and prizes(and lots of caches to be found too).
    The Conway County geocachers have had an event around the last of October the last 3 years and I suspect that they will have another one this year. Perhaps AR-HICK can fill us in on that.
    I have heard a rumor that there will be a big event in Russellville this year, but have not heard a date mentioned.
    I'm sure that there will be other event pop up throughout the year and ArkGeo will try to get these posted as we lean of them.
    Hope to see you at an event soon and happy caching.

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    There is also and event called the Cache Ca$h Dash Bash held in Paris, Arkansas on the 2nd Saturday of January each year. This last weekend was the 4th Paris Event and it looks like there will be another one next January.

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    I heard about the event in Paris shortly before it came....I wanted to go so bad.
    But I work every weekend and would've had to take off work. So I decided to wait and check one out in warmer weather and also so I can give enough notice for work as well. It bothered me all weekend that I couldn't attend.
    Thank You Woodwalker9 for the great info. I'll keep an eye out so maybe I can give enough notice to work so I can attend.
    I hope Russellville throws an event!
    And GeoWoodstock would be awesome!
    Now on the Arkansas Geocaching Association Annual Membership Meeting you mentioned...Do you (I) have to have a membership? If so, any kind in particular? Same thing on the Conway County geocachers event...Do you have to be a Conway resident?
    Sorry if these questions seem stupid but I am still learning and have yet to attend any kind of event?
    Thanks you guys

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    mud4x4 you do not need a membership to attend any event or be a resident of a particular county. In fact, most event hosts encourage those who are new to come join the fun and find out firsthand about geocaching. Events are great places for newbies to learn by asking questions of experienced cachers. No matter the question, there is usually someone there that can answer it. Geocachers are some of the most friendly people you could ever meet and are always eager to help new comers.

    Hope to see you at an event soon.

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